Ptolemy IV Philopator

Ptolemy IV Philopator
King 221-204 BC.
    The son of *Ptolemy III, Ptolemy IV took the name of 'Philopator' which means 'father-loving'; according to the custom of this dynasty, he married his sister, Arsinoe III.
    He defeated Antiochus III of Syria at the battle of Raphia in 217 BC, after Antiochus had threatened Egypt's frontier, but this success may have contributed to the problems that he had to face at home. A large contingent of native Egyptians had fought well at Raphia, and this victory may have encouraged them to become involved with nationalistic riots in the region of Thebes. These began in 207-206 BC, and their aim was to re-establish native rule in Egypt; to some extent this was achieved when, for nineteen years, a line of Egyptian 'pharaohs' seized some control which enabled them to rule the Theban district.
    Under Ptolemy IV, problems began which were associated with the government and administration of the country and in succeeding reigns, these difficulties would become even more acute.
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(c. 244–205 BC)
   Son of Ptolemy III and Berenice II. He married his sister, Arsinoe III. He pursued an aggressive policy in Asia in an attempt to gain control of PalestineSyria but faced a major revolt in the south where native rulers Harwennefer and Ankhwennefer were proclaimed. His chief minister was Sosibios, who arranged a series of murders of members of the royal family to strengthen his hold on power. The king appears to have died in late 205 BC, but his death was initially concealed by his court. He was succeeded by his son, Ptolemy V.
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